First stop of the trip: Badlands National Park

After driving through Iowa, a bit of Nebraska, up into North Dakota and across the state, I give Badlands National Park a visit. Before I went to the badlands, I checked out Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. That was pretty cool to see. In S. Dakota, we had missiles buried underground ready to be launched at Russia during the cold war. Crazy times then. This underground bunker was preserved to the exact state that It was during the 60's. If I had a chance to film this whole scenario over again, I would do some things differently. But hey, that's part of the learning process!


VLOG Episode 3 - EXPLORING THE BAD LANDS! I spent a day of checking out the Badlands National Park and Minuteman National Historic Site. TRAVEL INSTAGRAM: PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: foalhaus TWITTER: BLOG: FACEBOOK: