The background that shaped me

I grew up in Chicago area since I was a wee lad. I've always considered this city my home, but at the same time have desired something or some place different. I fantasized about how my life would be in a much more volatile, uncertain environment. A life where I was unsure of what I would experience day by day. Growing up, my mother always called me the "pup in the meadow" because of my care-free spirit, and she was right. I've always considered myself an adventurous person but not always with a clear sense of direction. I've earned a degree from a college in Florida and have been working in the same field in Chicago for about 7 years, but after graduating and starting work in my field, I was reluctant. Almost as if I was kicking against the pricks. I faced a sense of resentment to the fact that I was destined to be tied to an office and a chair. In fact, the only impression I was making in my life was the one on that office chair.